Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems are a rather complicated combination of pipes, valves, control  wire, controller, fittings and sprinkler heads. The elements that sets  one contractor apart from another is their level of expertise in areas  such as hydraulics and electrical properties, irrigation system design,  product selection, installation technique, employee training and quality  control.

The  system design process begins with the water supply (available gallon  per minute and static pressure.) The initial system layout begins with  head placement, and is accomplished by proper  product  selection and head spacing. Pipe sizing takes into account the length of  the pipe run, the friction loss, and the velocity of water  flow through the pipe. These calculations determine the size of the  pipe required to provide sufficient water flow and pressure, thus  providing a quality system.

Oftentimes  contractors, with the best intentions, have no true understanding of  the above information. In such cases problems may not arise until we  reach extended periods with little rainfall. Hiring a qualified and  experienced professional can eliminate those issues. 

At Advanced Sprinkler &  Backflow Inc., we design and install sprinkler systems of all sizes.  Our trenchless installation provides a quality installation that is  second to none and minimally invasive to your existing lawn.