Advanced Sprinkler & Backflow Inc.  is  very proud to be a member of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals which is an organization whose members have a common interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross connection. They are an organization dedicated to education and technical assistance, keeping Advanced Sprinkler & Backflow Inc ‘s Backflow Division up to date with the most recent changes, and or, news in the industries.

We have two Certified Backflow Technicians on staff, licensed to test, inspect, and or repair any make model or size of backflow preventer assembly you may have. Our inspectors have a combined experience of over 18 years, and take pride in protecting the health of our customers.

For our commercial customers, Advanced Sprinkler & Backflow Inc can survey your building and  implement a backflow program that will manage the annual needs of your building(s) backflow assemblies. We can contact you annually with a reminder of the upcoming test dates. From there, we will execute the annual test, certification, and or any needed repairs of your backflow preventer assemblies, and we then forward all documentation to the appropriate municipality.

For our lawn sprinkler customers, once your irrigation system is activated for the season, we can follow up with the annual test and certification, as well as any needed repairs, and immediately submit the certification to your appropriate municipality.

For our industrial customers, we are highly experienced in multiple industries, and are happy to accommodate weekend testing and repairs for your backflow devices. This is particularly helpful in water demanding applications which cannot afford the loss of water any other time.


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